Trichopeltarioidea Tavares and Cleva, 2010

Podocatactes hamifer Ortmann,1893 181-1
Podocatactes hamifer

Trichopeltariidae-Pleistocene-leshiro, Kakegawa,Shizuoka, Japan.

Ortmann, A.E., 1893,, Die Decapoden-Krebse des Strassburger Museum. VII. Theil. Abtheilung: Brachyura (Brachyura genuina Boas) II.
Unterabtheilung: Cancroidea, 2, Section: Cancrinea, I. Gruppe: Cyclometopa: Zoologischen Jahrbuchern, Abtheilung fur Systematic,
Geographie und Biologie der Thiere 7, 411-495.
See: Tavares, M., & Cleva, R., 2010,

Trichopeltarion granulosus Schweitzer & Salva, 2000 251-2, 251-1
Trichopeltarion granulosus
Trichopeltarion granulosus


Schweitzer, C.E. & Salva. E.W., 2000,, First recognition of the Cheiragonidae (Decapoda) in the fossil record and comparison of the family with the Atelecyclidae: Journal of Crustacean Biology, 20(2), 285-298.

See Tavares & Cleva, 2010

Trichopeltarion greggi Dell, 1969 115-2
Trichopeltarion gregii
Trichopeltarion greggi

Trichopeltariidae-Pliocene-Moutunau Beach,
Canterbury, New Zealand

Dell, R. K., 1969., A new Pliocene fossil crab of the genus (Trichopeltarion) from New Zealand. Records of the Canterbury Museum, 8: 367-371.

see Tavares & Cleva, 2010

Trichopeltarion sp. 472-1
Trichopeltarion sp
Trichopeltariidae-Pliocene-Moutunau Beach,
Canterbury, New Zealand